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Laboratory Testing Shows That Fuel Right Consistently Beats ALL Competitors!
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See How Fuel Right Works In Your Fuel System

STORAGE - A diesel fuel tank contains its own ecosystem. Fuel Right technology holistically manages this ecosystem through the dispersion of biofilms, preventing slime forming bacteria from performing their role in the formation of bacterial colonies and leaves a microscopic corrosion coating behind.

DELIVERY - Fuel Right dissolves the biofilm deposits on filters, strainers and fuel lines. It also enhances the functionality of lubricity additives in the fuel ensuring improved fuel lubricity. Fuel Right is an excellent surfactant resulting in cleaner injectors and optimizing fuel economy.

- Fuel Right technology enhances fuel atomization therefore resulting in an improved ignition and combustion cycle. Operators will see a noticeable reduction in particulate at the exhaust and improved fuel economy.
  • Dissolves, Disperses & Prevents Bacterial Sludge
  • More Effective than Biocides or Conventional Additives
  • Cleans Tanks, Fuel Lines, Filters and Strainers
  • Improves Fuel Economy & Reduces Exhaust Particulate
  • Restores Fuel Lubricity & Stabilizes Fuel
  • Provides a Corrosion Coating to Help Prevent Microbial Influenced Corrosion
  • Warranty Safe for All Diesel Engines
  • EPA Registered
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